Friday, April 11, 2008

Plotting your Direction

Do you have a plan for the direction that your business will go and grow in 2018?

That's not a typo.

Ten years from now, what do you imagine your business to look like?

Let's try looking in the rearview mirror.

In 1998, did you plan for what your business is today?

Remember the Y2K scare at the turn of the century? There was this fear that the Internet and all the world would shut down, because computers would think that it was the year 1900, instead of 2000, when we entered the new century.

Guess what, it didn't happen. There were some minor glitches but we as a nation, as a world handled it pretty smoothly.

You say to yourself, "A ten year plan, I don't even have a plan for the rest of April 2008!"

Do yourself a favor this weekend, and do some future planning and goal setting. Look at the rest of this year and see what opportunities are going to occur naturally, such as holidays, seasonal events, etc.

Look at what you missed out on this year, and jot those items down too.

Now you have the beginings on an outline to at least get you started on plotting your direction.

One of the worst mistakes I've seen and experienced too is not having any direction. You may have goals, but you need to develop a map to get there. And there will be both detours and dead ends. But there may also be some expressways in the future that you were unable to see today.

Plan, Drive a focus, and keep your eyes open for additional opportunities.

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