Friday, August 28, 2009

Picking your Advertising Medium

One more re-posting and then next week I'll have something fresh.

I originally wrote this last summer, but in case you missed it, or forgot about it, or simply ignored it, read it now.

And if you answer no to the first question, Don't Follow this Advice!!!

Are you your ideal customer?

Then look at your own media habits.

Start with your morning routine.

Did you wake up to the radio?

Watch television before you left the house?

See any Billboards that caught your attention?

Listen to the radio on your way to work?

Read the paper?

Check any websites?


If you are your ideal customer, then consider advertising using the media that you use in real life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ten Year Plan, 1 year later

On August 10th, 2008 I wrote the following challenge.

It is now 53 weeks later, and my question to you is, have you started your plan yet?

My life definitely has taken a different direction and I am much more in control than last year at this time. If you read this last year, read it again.

If this is the first time, then act now:

Ten years from now, what will be different in your life?

Ten years from now, how will your business be different?

Ten years from now, will your life and your business be the result of a plan or simply circumstance?

One of my activities is serving on a marketing advisory board for a financial firm and when I began 18 months ago, I asked the owner these same questions.

As a result of knowing where she wants to be in ten years, she can formulate a plan for today that will move her firm in the direction it needs to go.

Yes, I know there are many things that we cannot predict that will occur in the next ten years, but if you honestly take a look at your life and your business, you'll be surprised at what is predictable.

Set some goals, complete with a timeline. Then start down the path to get there. You'll be in the top 10% by simply doing these steps.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Timeless Lessons

A blog that I read regularly made reference to "repost your blog day" or something like that today, so I found a favorite of mine from February 2008:

It's one thing to write, preach, teach and inspire others to do the right thing. It's something else to follow your own advice and Live the Life. This is about someone that Lives the Life.

Over a year ago I wrote to Harvey Mackay about something he wrote on his website. And I forgot about it until this week.

Monday I received a letter of apology from one of his assistants:

Dear Mr. Howard:

I am Harvey Mackay's assistant and I must apologize as I have just now come across a letter Harvey dictated to you last year when you emailed him.

It is totally my responsibility for the late response, so I'd like to briefly explain and hope you will understand.

I lost my dad in February...

And she continues:

received tens of thousands of letters and emails every year so you can probably imagine the backlog developed over that time so when your email was sent in April I was already buried. I had been sending his emails to him in mail folders as he is working on a book project due out this year and was out of the office most of the time . . . he then returns enormous amounts of written responses for me to send out...

She also asked for my mailing address so she could send a book and the letter that Harvey dictated last year.

I wrote back and expressed my condolences over her losses, and updated her on what I have being doing with my blog references to Harvey, and also the influence he has had on not only me but also my oldest daughter who is excelling in relationship based sales.

Thursday a package arrived with the letters and some more of Harvey's writings.

Lessons learned:

  1. Harvey Mackay still takes the time to respond to those who write to him, despite the enormous volume.
  2. Harvey's staff also is living the life example that Harvey lives.
  3. It's never too late to do the right thing.
Thank you, so very much.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Hunter vs. The Farmer

Both the hunter and the farmer have one goal: Food.

And Food means Survival.

The Hunter however takes careful aim at his prey and fires. If he hits his target, he eats. If he misses, he has to start all over because the shot scared away his prey and all he did was create a lot of noise, waste his ammo and his time.

The Farmer has a different approach. He prepares, plants, waters, feeds and nurtures. Doesn't matter if he is raising cattle or corn, the process is the same. In the end, he will receive the reward for his work.

Does this mean it is better to be a Farmer than a Hunter?

All depends on what you want to accomplish.

Personally I prefer the Farmer Approach, because I am more relationship based when it comes to sales and marketing. Yet I also work with advertisers that want to do the Hunter Approach which works fine if they are having an event.

But if you plan on being around more than a weekend, learn how to apply the Farmer Approach. Need help? Contact me at