Sunday, April 27, 2008

Certainties and Uncertainties

No Matter What (God Willing), There are somethings you can count on.

Such as:

  1. Spring is here, Summer is coming. People will be spending money because of these seasonal changes.
  2. Unless you invite people to do business with you, you will eventually go out of business.
  3. Everyone needs money to survive. You and your customers are alike in this manner.
  4. The Internet is not going away. Cell phones are not going away.
There are other certainties that I'm sure you can think of in your world.

But I ask you to start questioning ideas that you and others accept as certainties, by asking, "What If?"

You may discover some wonderful idea that can change the way you do business. After all, that's the basic question that most inventors ask themselves.

What uncertainties are there in your world?
  1. Who will be our president this time next year?
  2. What will the price of gas be in 6 months or 6 years?
  3. When will our economy recover? (Note the question is WHEN, not IF.)
  4. What's the best medium to advertise to reach new customers?
I included that last one because of the increasing options, and that while there are many strong stable favorites out there, there will also be new venues once we figure out the best way to incorporate technology and advertising. In the meantime, talk to someone that can help you look at the big picture. The really big picture. Not someone that is prejudiced towards old media, or the opposite, prejudiced towards new media.

Some ad agencies have the ability to do this, but most don't yet.

Make up your own list of Certainties, Uncertainties and What If's. Then talk to someone who can help plan for the present and the future, someone who sees the REALLY BIG PICTURE.

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