Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweating the Small Stuff

Contrary to Richard Carlson's best selling serries, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", in the business world, someone needs to pay attention to the "Small Stuff".

Take a look at this list of Small Stuff:

  1. Dirty Windows
  2. Litter in the Parking Lot
  3. Employee tardiness
  4. Messy Desk
  5. Unanswered email/voicemail
  6. etc.
See how these small things will effect your bottom line when you look at it from a Marketing Perspective?

Here's another quick list of Small Stuff directly related to cash flow:
  1. Not sending out monthly statements/invoices
  2. Not giving correct change
  3. Not paying bills within 30 days and thus racking up interest and penalties
But you say, (Like I do sometimes), "But I'm not a detail person!"

Then you have three choices:
  1. Bring aboard someone who is a detail person and will look after those items I have listed.
  2. Incorporate the biggest of the small stuff into your "Must Do" list.
  3. Shut down, close the doors, or watch your customers go to the place that keeps an attentive eye on the "Small Stuff".
What you might call sweating the small stuff, someone else will simply call, "Taking Care of Business".

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