Friday, March 21, 2008

The Battle of the Giants

In our city there has been a major battle over what used to be simply known as Cable. Comcast is the giant that serves Fort Wayne Indiana. When Verizon started wiring the town for their Fiber Optics network (FIOS), the battle began.

As the phone company (Verizon) offered subscription television service, they stepped into the territory that Comcast owned.

Dish and Direct TV has had a small impact, but not as significant as what's going on now.

Both Verizon FIOS and Comcast offer three bundled services: Television, Internet & Telephone (VOIP).

A lot of money is being spent in this battle. I get 2 to 4 pieces of direct mail each week from Verizon with different offers and so far I have resisted switching from Comcast.

Here's why. I like what I have. And I haven't seen a reason to switch. What Verizon needs to do is hosting viewing parties this summer and get the word of mouth talkers to start talking.

I do have a couple of co-workers that have made the switch, but I haven't been to their homes. Instead Verizon needs to come to me, set up a display showing me the difference in a place where I'm going to be. Don't make me look for you. Use the direct mail and the radio spots to annouce where you are going to have this viewing party. And make me an unbelieveable offer. Because I really don't want to switch unless you can convience me and make it worth my while.

Are you in a similar battle with a competitor? Than do EVERYTHING it takes to win.

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