Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've been helping a friend that had a website developed to add credibility and an internet storefront to a business venture they are launching.

The Website developer that my friend used was in India, subcontracted from a company in England. This was an example of WORLD WIDE Outsourcing. All things considered, after a few trials and errors, the project is nearly complete and done at a fraction of the cost of what someone locally would charge. (I've been told that the price is about 50% to 70% less.)

There were a few frustrations along the way but if you are going to outsource for a cheaper price, you need to determine what you are willing to sacrifice. In this case it was time and the inconvenience of only being able to communicate via email. And my friend was willing to pay that price in order to save actual cash.

As you decide whether to buy locally or outsource from somewhere else, consider not only your bottom line in dollars, but also in time and convenience. Also you need to consider the effect it will have on your reputation in your marketplace.

If you are a local business person but buy all your goods overseas, or out of state, it could come back to bite you that you are not supporting your local economy.

These are not answers, just questions I urge you to ask, as you consider how to take advantage of the WORLD wide web and the opportunities of a global economy.

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