Sunday, June 29, 2008


Is your Organization organized? Or just tossed together?

One company I work with recently changed Business Managers and it has taken about 30 days to reorganize some of the systems that were in play under the previous Business Manager.

I know that over the years it is easy to accumulate outdated "stuff" whether it is out of fashion clothing, or old appointment books. Sometimes we just stuff things in a box in the attic, store room, or worse yet, in a paid storage facility.

Here's a personal challenge that you might also want to consider:

If you were starting from scratch, how would you organize your important stuff? Would you even have any of your unimportant stuff?

Take some time and start from scratch.

Then stick with your system for 30 days. Then another 30 days. Then another 30 days. After 90 days tweak slightly. Continue to stick with your system for another 6 months. Tweak slightly. And repeat every 6 months.

Half of 2008 is history. Let's make the second half better with better organization for our organization.

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