Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have been working for the same group of radio stations for over 5 years now in a sales position.

Over 5 years, I have contacted 100's of business owners, of which a percentage have spent money with me.

Some are still with me.

Some are out of business.

Some were not in a position to advertise, but they may be now.

The key to my success is a combination of re-connecting with previous contacts and continuing to reach new people.

That's the same with your business, too.

What are you doing to stay in contact with your previous customers?

What are you doing to even collect the contact information so that you can stay in contact?

What will you do to capture that information and use it in the future?

With the advent of computer software that works both online and/or offline, there are very few excuses for not staying in contact.

And the best new customers, just may be your old customers.

Contact me if you need help or ideas.

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