Sunday, May 3, 2009

Timeless Marketing Principles

I serve on a few marketing advisory boards and I have noticed how some folks are either confused by, or scared of new technology.

Let's take some of the mystery out of it.

Technology advances are coming at us faster and faster it seems but they are only tools.

And you have to use the right tools to accomplish the task at hand. A pipe wrench isn't the best tool to change a light bulb, but you probably could use it.

Before you decide which tool to use in your marketing, keep in mind the following timeless principles:

  • The very best marketing method mimics human relationship principles.
  • In order to build relationships, you need to have positive contact repeatedly.
  • Anything that does not follow these two principles should be examined very carefully before you decide to invest your time or money in it.
For centuries, men and women have gone through a courtship stage in their relationships. Many times, this leads to marriage. And that is one of the ultimate examples of how marketing works.

Yes, there are other outcomes between men and women, ranging from friendship to one-night-stands. But what type of relationship do you want with your customers? I bet if you were really honest with yourself, you would want the one that lasts a lifetime, puts up with imperfections, stands by you even when you screw up, and smiles when they think of you.

In return, you strive to be your best, to forgive when your customer screws up, to put up with their quirks and to go out of your way to serve.

No matter what tool you use in advertising or marketing, follow these principles. They will stand the test of time.

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