Friday, May 8, 2009

Building A Radio Advertising Campaign-2

A few weeks ago I presented part 1, click here to read it.

Intangible Benefits was the focus of part 1, today we look at the next step, General Benefits.

General Benefits are dangerous. Most radio ads and most print ads, (especially yellow pages), fall into this category.

G.B. ads talk about your business in general terms, almost as a "toss in everything including the kitchen sink" Address, hours, a few items about what you sell, how long you've been around, phone number, cram it all in and hope and pray that something you say prompts someone to spend money with you.

I learned 20 years ago that this was where most radio advertising failed, yet most radio ads sound like this. To the listener, it's a tune out. So if you are going to use this step, do it very briefly, and then move to the next step...Specific Benefits. More coming soon.

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