Sunday, April 26, 2009

Passion Partners

My Childrens world is not the world that I grew up in when I was their age. When I was a child we had 3, then 4 then 5 television stations to choose from, a morning newspaper and afternoon paper, maybe 8 radio stations at the most that were local and that was it for local media and advertising choices.

I am back in my hometown and my oldest daughter also lives here. If she had cable, she would have access to hundreds of television channels, but she just has regular High-Def Digital which gives her access to a dozen channels. There are still 2 daily newspapers, but she gets her news from other sources. Radio stations? 20 plus in our town. Then there's the Internet which didn't exist when I was her age.

And now that I'm in the media and marketing business, I am aware of dozens of other mediums that business owners can use for advertising.

I also know that most business owners are clueless about what they should do to generate new customers, retain the ones they have and how to generate positive word of mouth. This is also true with a lot of non-profit organizations. And sadly, this is also the situation with most advertising agencies and internal marketing directors.

So, this week I have formally formed a business to help, ScLoHo Marketing Solutions. My passion is to help businesses make smart marketing decisions. This includes everything internally, externally, evaluation of what direction to head for growth in the future and in the present.

With experience dating back to 1986, working with 100's of business owners, finding the common threads of success and failures, and with a keen understanding of advertising and human behavior, I can help. And this is not a solo project, as I have partners that I will call on to subcontract some of the work depending on what the marketing project is. I know that I am not an expert in all areas, but I have a network of experts who will be working with me.

It all boils down to Passion.

You have a passion for the work that you do. You have become an expert in your field, whether that is health care, transmission repair, or whatever your field is. You need a partner to help you spread the word using all of the tools that are available today, and using timeless relationship principles. And you also need to find and fix the "leaks in your boat", that are causing you to lose customers and clients.

Currently ScLoHo Marketing Solutions will concentrate on businesses and organizations that are based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as I am retaining my role with the group of radio stations that I have been with the past 6 years. I will work with only a select number of clients, and you must be committed to the process which will be developed based on your current and future needs.

I am not a "yes man". I will tell you the truth. I may tell you to fire your sister. Or at least help her find a position in your company that fits her passions and makes your organization stronger.

Now, more than ever, you need help. Contact me to see if you qualify:

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