Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fix the Mistakes

If the front door to your business had a broken window so anyone could walk in an help themselves 24/7, how long would you ignore the problem?

If you had an employee who is supposed to open your store at 10am every morning, but they don't show up until 10:20 on a regular basis, how long would you ignore the problem?

If you set up an email marketing campaign and it sends an email two or three times a day to the same people, over and over again, how long would you ignore the problem?

If you give a phone number in an advertisement and the number is wrong or disconnected, how long would you ignore the problem?

All of these have occurred in the past 20 days to businesses and organizations that I've contacted.

Every encounter is an impression either good or bad.

The email problem was one where the organization put someone in charge of scheduling emails and he thought the more the merrier.

Wrong. Complaints started coming in. Usually people just start labeling it as junk or spam.

I work with the organization and have access to their email service provider and was able to stop the craziness. I also changed the sending email address in case the old was now labeled as spam.

Put out the Fires, Fix the Mistakes, Stop the Bleeding, etc.

Ignorance isn't bliss. It can be deadly.

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