Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Hunter vs. The Farmer

Both the hunter and the farmer have one goal: Food.

And Food means Survival.

The Hunter however takes careful aim at his prey and fires. If he hits his target, he eats. If he misses, he has to start all over because the shot scared away his prey and all he did was create a lot of noise, waste his ammo and his time.

The Farmer has a different approach. He prepares, plants, waters, feeds and nurtures. Doesn't matter if he is raising cattle or corn, the process is the same. In the end, he will receive the reward for his work.

Does this mean it is better to be a Farmer than a Hunter?

All depends on what you want to accomplish.

Personally I prefer the Farmer Approach, because I am more relationship based when it comes to sales and marketing. Yet I also work with advertisers that want to do the Hunter Approach which works fine if they are having an event.

But if you plan on being around more than a weekend, learn how to apply the Farmer Approach. Need help? Contact me at

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