Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Things First

Do you know why Google is the number one search engine?

Do you know why Microsoft Windows is the number one computer operating system?

Do you know why McDonalds is the top dog in the food franchise business?

Do you want to be number one?

Usually Being Number One means also being the number one money maker too.

The NOT Answers:

Google is not the preferred search engine because they are number one.

Windows is not the preferred computer operating system because they are number one.

McDonalds is not the drawing in hoardes of customers because they are number one.

That thinking is backwards. And it is limiting.

After all, only one can be number one.

I spent some time watching the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race a few days ago and no one knows who came in 10th 10 years ago, except those that were on his team, his family and fans. And NASCAR is not a winner take all sport, finishing 10th in 1999 earned Dale Earnhart $135,000 that day.

Life and business is like that too. It's not winner take all.

So here are the REAL answers:

Google, Microsoft Windows and McDonalds became number ones, because people wanted what they offered that was different from their competitors. Not Better, Not First, but each had an attractive difference in their own niche's that drew people to them and they became number one.

As they developed their niche, they made money.

Some people have things backwards, their goal is to make lots of money and they jump around from one get rich scheme to another, but it doesn't last.

And instead of trying to beat number one, focus on your own strengths.

20 years ago Ries and Trout wrote a book called Positioning which launched my marketing career. The premise is focus on being different from instead of better than your competition.

Combine that with a marketing and advertising plan and stick with it. The money will come, but remember to keep First Things First.

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