Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creating Something New?

I work with such a variety of businesses.

I have businesses that are in their third generation and those that are looking for guidance as they are just starting out.

The past few months I have been working on my own "Something New".

Since 2003 I have been writing and sharing online via a few ScLoHo blogs.

ScLoHo actually began as an email address in the 1990's and became my online identity as there are many, many Scott Howards and ScLoHo is a mashup of my first, middle and last names.

As ScLoHo, I have posted over 9000 blog posts and was recently challenged to recreate my brand.

This new brand is a stronger merger of Scott Howard and ScLoHo, although I really didn't have a split personality, it only seemed like it at times when some people only knew me from my online presence or from my face to face relationships and not the other side.

So, I have been creating a new website which you will be redirected to in October, It has taken a number of hours to organize and prepare for this debut and I have a lot of respect for those that I work with who create websites 40 hours a week.

The new site already has over 100 articles published and will be featuring updates 5 days a week plus a weekend update. It will be a merging of the 4 blogs that are currently being updated 40+ times a week.

I'll have links to the archives, and this feature, The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo will move to Wednesday updates instead of Tuesday.

For a preview, go to ScottHoward.me and save in your bookmarks.

The words of Scott Howard aka ScLoHo

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