Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Way to Downsize


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Face it. We have a stubborn cold that we can't seem to shake.

The economic conditions we are in have people around the world wondering not only about the future of the United States, but the ripple effect that is felt globally.

In the meantime, you and your business may have to make some tough choices.

This chapter is not about sales or marketing, or advertising.

It is about dealing with the people who work for you.

The ones who are worried about their jobs.

A common practice is to keep people on staff too long because you don't want to hurt them by laying them off.

As a result, you lose money, capital, and cripple the business.

It's time to take stock of what is going on now.

And have a conversation with your staff.

There are alternatives to an outright layoff.

Maybe there are ways to reduce hours for someone who would like to have more free time.

At the radio stations I worked for the past 8 years, our business manager worked 4 days a week, which left her with a day away from the office to take care of family stuff. And with 4 kids, including a 2 year old and 1 year old twins, she needed that time!

Another office that I'm familiar with changed their full time receptionist position into two part time positions.

The key is to ask your staff for ideas on how to weather the storm as we ride this one out.

Your employees are more likely to say good things about your company if you do this.

Let me know if you need some help.

The words of Scott Howard aka ScLoHo

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