Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Losing It

Do you know how many times your business has lost potential business because they had the wrong person dealing with the public?

A couple weeks ago, my friend Amber made the following comment on Twitter:

If your receptionist isn't friendly when I call or visit, I won't call or visit again.

What Amber stated is not profound, or new.

She simply stated what most everyone feels.

If you are going to skimp on employees, you are probably losing more business than any advertising and marketing program can ever generate, because now with the power of Social Media, those bad experiences have an audience.

Fix it today.

Fix it now.


  1. If I know the person is playing on Facebook or Twitter all day, and has no work ethic, I will not do business with them either. A tweet is fine, but 25, no way! I will go find a hardworking business that has hard working people.

  2. Playing on Social Media is one thing, but for those of us who are on Twitter and other Social Media Channels as part of our profession, be careful about judging too quickly.

    My job description includes a minimum of 5 hours of social media usage per week!