Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Best Ideas

are not formed in a vacuum.

Often the best ideas are from a variety of sources and then revised, updated, and made relevant for who you want to reach.

Friday morning, I am presenting a seminar on social media and marketing and I'll be using material that others have produced. I will include videos, powerpoint slides and a few handouts. Most of the material is borrowed from other sources. And I will give the other sources credit for their work.

What about your business? Do you recycle ideas that worked in the past? Do you watch others and see what they have done that you can adapt to your marketing?

By the way, here are the details for Friday:

Join the Conversation! Social Media & Marketing

Friday, October 9, 2009 - 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Find out what the Social Media Craze is all about, where it came from, what’s going on, and where it’s going!

So, you’ve heard about words like
Social Media, Social Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and you’re wondering,
“ What’s this all about?” “Is this just a fad?” “It’s just for kids?” or perhaps, “It all sounds pretty stupid and a waste of time!”

No matter what you are thinking, people are talking about you, your business, your competitors, and you need to join the conversation.

Find out what the Social Media Craze is all about, where it came from, what’s going on, and where it’s going.

You’ll discover the power of communication that can keep you in touch with your current, former, and prospective customers.

About Our Speaker

Scott Howard is the founder of ScLoHo Marketing Solutions based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since 1986, he has created advertising and marketing campaigns using radio, print, direct mail, and a multitude of internet based media and marketing options.

Since 2003, he has been with Summit City Radio as a Senior Sales Executive, Station Manager, Teacher, Trainer and Mentor.

Scott writes, edits and publishes 5 blogs including 2 on Marketing, Advertising and Sales:

ScLoHo’s Collective Wisdom ( is updated 25 to 30 times each week with sales training tips, marketing and advertising news and social media information.

The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo ( is updated weekly. If Scott were to take the time to write a book on marketing, these would be the chapters!

Scott was recently asked to write a piece on Marketing and Advertising for the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce Emphasis newsletter, which was published and distributed in the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly August 21, 2009.

Services provided by ScLoHo Marketing Solutions include:
-Internet and Social Media Services
-Marketing Plan Consulting and Implementation
-Radio and Specialized Print Advertising Options
-Personalized Sales Training and Coaching

Scott serves on the Board of Directors of the American Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne as the Vice President of Membership.


Who Should Attend: Anyone wondering what Social Media is... if it can help your business ... and why you might want to participate in it!
Where: TQM Network Learning Center - Leadership & Learning Center
Directions: The TQM Network Learning Center is located 825 Barr Street. Parking is available at meters surrounding the building or the parking garage on the corner of Wayne & Barr. Some limited free parking is available on the side of the building.

The event will be held in the Lower Level Conference Room.
Speaker/Instructor Scott Howard, ScLoHo
Cost: $100 for non-members.
No cost for members.
Registration: You may register online at Click on the 'Register Now!' button. You may also send an email to, or call Jamie at 260-557-7665.

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