Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Word to Learn is Value (part two)

Just a few more words on the topic of VALUE.

People attach a VALUE to everything they trade for their dollars.

My wife mentioned to me that she really liked the Wendy's new fish sandwich, priced around $4.

My wife complained at the little burger she got off Wendy's VALUE menu. Her exact words, "Where's the beef?"

No matter what the price, we want something for our money that we feel is fair. Otherwise we feel ripped off.

I felt ripped off a couple years ago after buying a used Mercedes. Not by the guy that sold it to me, but by the multiple repair shops that charged me to fix a problem that they didn't really fix.

These days I take it to an import dealer who gives me a loaner, not a rental. (The last time I dropped my car off, they gave me a brand new red Jetta to drive that only had 35 miles on it!) It may cost a few dollars more, but they give VALUE by repairing my car right the first time, (and the loaner is pretty cool too.)

So, selling cheap stuff doesn't mean you can sell crap. Just focus on VALUE, no matter what the price tag and you'll be a winner.

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