Monday, March 2, 2009

Do Something

A lot of businesses seem to have a case of marketing paralysis right now. And the reasons are many. Actually they are really excuses.

Last year I was hearing:

  • I want to see how the election turns out.
  • I need to see how the Holiday season treats us.
So far this year:
  • I am waiting for the President to take office.
  • I am waiting for the stimulus bill to be passed.
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.
So what is happening while you wait? Consumers are still spending. They are buying food, they are going to work, they are spending what they have and they are not going to spend it with you if you continue to sit on your hands and your advertising wallet.

More excuses:

  • There are too many choices, how do I know what form if advertising I should do?
  • It is too expensive if it doesn't work.
  • Our budget is being cut.
  • My Mom won't let me.
Time for a fresh slap in the face. You have more control over your destiny than anyone else. Stop whining and take action:

  • Start with your internal marketing and fix your short comings, including improving your attitude and the attitude of your employees.
  • Pick a form of advertising that builds relationships. Stick with it, it will take some time, but the results will pay off if your content, message, and offer are good.
  • Remember this word: VALUE. That's what everyone wants no matter what you are selling from computers to toothpicks.
  • Talk to an outside expert who will be straight with you about what you need to do. You are too close to your situation to see the big picture.
We are now in the final 10 months of 2009. Stop your thumb twiddling and start moving, or the last excuse will be a REAL reason: We are going out of business.

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