Friday, January 23, 2009

Sell More to People who Want to Buy-Part 1

Want an easy way to earn more money? A way to increase your revenue? A way to increase your profits?

And this does not involve increasing your advertising one single dime?

I can see your head bobbing up and down.

So here's the answer:

Convert more "shoppers" into "buyers".

A shopper is someone that comes into your store, or calls your business. They're looking for something and they are going to spend their money with someone.

Here's a true story that was told to me over lunch by a friend this week:

He had a coupon for a free oil change at a local new car dealership. When he took his vehicle in, he asked them to check the thermostat because he felt the heater wasn't warming up properly and he wanted it fixed.

30 minutes later, he was paged to the service desk and told his vehicle was ready to go. He asked, "What about the thermostat?" They told him, "It's fine, don't know what to tell you buddy."

After he left he called a mechanic that he knew that worked for an independent shop and explained what happened. He was told that on his vehicle, it would take at least 40 minutes because of where the thermostat was located and that it would require extra work, etc. to check the thermostat.

So he scheduled a time to drop his vehicle off and have the thermostat replaced. It will cost him about $140.00, but it is costing the dealership a whole lot more.

First of all, the dealership lost the money that they could have earned if they would have performed the service they were asked to do. Probably at least $200.00 at the dealership.

Next, they lost the trust of my friend to ever do anything on his vehicle. He even doubts if they did the oil change properly. He'll find out when he takes his vehicle to the other shop.

Third, he is telling everyone he knows about this experience and will continue to spread the word for the next month or more. Word of mouth works both ways, you know.

Fourth, how many other potential "buyers", at this dealership are turning away business due to the lazy and dishonest mechanic?

Now, do a little test like this at your place of business. What are you and your staff doing that keeps "shoppers" from becoming "buyers"?

More on this subject the next time. Your comments are always welcome.

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