Monday, January 19, 2009

Outside Help

Today I get to use my kids recent health issues as metaphors for our lesson.

Over the last 24 hours, I learned my son Josh has a cold and he is feeling out of it. Typical cold, no need to go to the doctor, treat the symptoms based on past experience and all will be okay in a few days.

If your business marketing and advertising is generally on track, then you can expect a cold every once in awhile in the form of a campaign that didn't produce the results you though you might get, but you know what does work and so it is okay.

My youngest daughter Tiffany went to the Doctor today because her ankle was hurting and after several days it was getting worse. The Doctor discovered she had a sprained ankle and needed a brace as her body healed itself.

Sometimes when things are getting bad and you can't figure it out, you need some outside help. Hire a marketing/advertising consultant that can play doctor and discover the reason things are bad and give you a solution to reverse the bad and create good and turn your business around.

My oldest daughter spent about 20 hours in the hospital. Sunday she was feeling pain in her abdomen and a few hours later she was waiting to have her appendix removed. Now she is back home, healing and recovering.

Sometimes the problem with your business is not that you need to do more, you need to do less. Perhaps there is something that is going on internally that is sabotaging your business but you are too close to recognize the cause. You too should hire an outsider who can take an objective view and has the marketing/advertising expertise to help.

Now here's some straight talk: You are busy running your business. You may be an expert in your field. You are probably not the best at marketing and advertising your business.

For your business to stay healthy, you may need to hire outside help. Because not even the most skilled surgeon would remove their own appendix.

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