Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why Relationships Matter

As I have advised numerous business owners, Relationships Matter.

But Why?

No matter what product or service you sell, you have at least one competitor. Even if you are the only car repair shop in town, your customers can choose to trade vehicles instead of dealing with you, if they don't want to.

So what makes you the one they spend their money with?

Depends on a multitude of factors but they have one thing in common, a relationship.

Sometimes a relationship is based on convenience such as location.

A couple of years ago I moved 2 1/2 miles and my coffee shop habits, and grocery store habits changed.

Location was one of the influencing factors that I changed.

Think about it this way, would you rather do business with someone that treated you fair, or someone that you were distrustful of?

So do your customers.

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