Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why You Have To Advertise

I have been marginally involved in the planning of two of my kids weddings. Mostly writing checks.

There are many, many things that had to be done before the wedding took place. But one of the most important was to send out the invitations. Otherwise, all the planning, buying, and preparing would have been silly. After all, most people, including my kids wanted to have friends and family attend their big day.

But let's say you are getting ready to launch a retail business. You have gone through all the steps including ordering inventory, stocking the showroom, setting up the displays, hiring employees, etc.

And now all you need is customers to come in and buy from you.

Did you invite anyone?

Did you send out the invitations?

Did you advertise?

If you don't invite people to do business with you, through advertising, then it's like having a party but not sending out the invitations.

Next, we'll take another look at advertising, and relate it to another aspect of our social lives.

Stay tuned!

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