Friday, February 1, 2008

Authenticity... more than another Buzz Word

This morning as I was traveling to work, the radio stations are doing non-stop coverage of the school closings, weather and road conditions, and I needed a break. I pushed the button for my local public radio station and heard the word Authenticity being used.

The context and conversation was in regards to the 2008 Presidential Race. The Authenticity is what is attracting younger folks to candidates that are offering an alternative to the typical political rhetoric that uses memorized sound bites and positions that change with the prevailing polls.

Authenticity is more than another Buzz Word, it is a marketing strategy that is based on truth.

If your ad agency uses, cliche's and "power words" that are not a part of your customers vocabulary, watch out. Stick with the truth, boring maybe refreshing if you dig deep enough and tell it like it is.

Do not, EVER say people come to us because we offer great service. Dig deeper and tell us about that service. Dig until you strike gold and discover what it is about the service that you offer that attracts your customers. You'll come up with some real nuggets of truth that can lead to an Authentic marketing strategy and advertising campaign.

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  1. Cannot agree more. People think narrowing what they do by defining their core message will limit themselves. When in fact, it typically opens new doors for themselves. Case in point, do you sell advertising, or do you tell your Customer's Message to a Million Prospects!