Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Foundation

I'm bringing back a few chapters of this book. This was from two years ago:

The Common Thread to Successful Marketing

This week, I have:

  • been to a reception with Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream fame
  • talked with a second generation business owner that is planning a consolidation/expansion this spring
  • met with a young budding entrepreneurial photographer who signed up to be in our radio station bridal show
  • met with a husband and wife that took over a furniture and flooring store and are expanding in the face of a "down economy"
  • took part in a board meeting of our local Advertising Federation, where we picked each others brains about how to improve our organization, to serve others and honor those that have done a good job.
  • met with a long term client that 18 months ago wanted to cancel their advertising because it wasn't working, and today they doubled their advertising because it is working.

I also added internet advertising to two clients advertising plans for 2008. And tomorrow I am guest hosting a radio show on real estate.

No, I am not in the real estate business, but I am in the marketing business and I have been involved in a few real estate transactions over the past 7 years.

So, what has been the common thread running though all of this?


Jerry Greenfield was honest in both the casual conversation we had, and in the presentation he made to a few hundred folks later that evening.

Honesty was spoken when I talked about expectations with the business owners and advertising agencies this week.

And I'll talk honestly about real estate on the radio Saturday morning.

There is no other way to really succeed.

There are no tricks or schemes to marketing, because marketing is about building relationships.

Dishonesty rots your soul, robs you of the joy of a clean conscious, and prevents you from living to your full potential.

So, I urge you too, to be honest, to speak up for yourself and others too. Stand for what you believe in, or sit down.

Follow the Golden Rule and you will have a basis for all your marketing efforts.

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