Monday, November 17, 2008

Your REAL Competition

Most business owners have a limited view of who their competition is.

Take a dentist for example. Is a grocery store competition? Could be.

See your competition when money is tight, is any and everything your clients, customers, and patients are spending their money on that they could be spending with you and your business.

So, do you want some ideas on how to make your competition, your ally?

Partner with a non-competing business and offer a deal for people that do business with both of you. For example, the dentist partners with a grocery store.

  1. Spend $50 on groceries, bring your reciept to the dentist and get $25 off your bill, (or the co-pay).
  2. Get your teeth cleaned at the dentist and get $25 off selected dental care items at the grocery.
It's that simple. (And this kind of alliance sets the dentist apart from other dentists, and the grocer apart from other grocers.)

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